Beatlemania 2009 continues...

Fans line up for a new video game based on the Beatles and their albums have been re-released

'Probably the greatest film artist' memorabilia to auction in Sweden

Iconic props, a writing desk and Golden Globes are be among this renowned filmmaker's assets for sale�

Good news: collectibles improve your mental health

They can reduce stress, add years to your life and 'people with hobbies are healthier and happier,' says a new study

High School dig yields Civil War memorabilia

New Jersey find includes buttons for the first President worth five figure sums

Beatlemania 2009 latest: $7k gadget causes eBay frenzy

A customised Xbox 360 featuring the Beatles is gaining big value - and the auction closes in eight days

Antique violin left on the Vienna subway

Instrument worth �60-100K lost on an underground train - later to be returned

Buy Al Capone's 'hideout retreat' for $2.5m

Gangster's 'relaxing and convenient' retreat includes 407 acres, a 37-acre private lake and an eight-car garage

Queen's bloomers in �12m exhibition

Britain's Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection is set to become a major exhibition

Unique stamp set smashes auction estimate

The first stamps to show a living Australian have been snapped up in Melbourne

Japanese leader records 'hit' single

An unearthed vinyl made by Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama could fetch over 35,000 yen at auction

Derby winner's carousel up for auction

A fairground piece sees the light of day for the first time in years

The most expensive piece of Beatles memorabilia ever?

Here's the famous banned butcher cover. You can sell it for $11m dollars, says a handwritten note by John Lennon

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