A special edition Xbox 360 games console bearing the Beatles' likeness has been accruing large value in an online auction.

The console is currently worth $7,000 with 80 bids - and there are another eight days before the auction closes.

An Xbox 360, manufactured by Microsoft, would normally retail for around $300.

The enthusiastic bidding is the latest in a marketing resurgence by the Beatles, coinciding with the release of the Beatles: Rock Band game and the remastering of their back catalogue.

The console is limited edition, although Microsoft have not specified how limited.

Bids are registered though the Internet auction site eBay, with proceeds from the sale going to the international medical aid organisation Doctors Without Borders.

As the latest round of 'Beatlemania' re-establishes the group as peerless rock legends, the Beatles Xbox is likely to be a sought-after collectors' item in years to come.

The Beatles return to popular culture has created a resurgence in the collectibles and memorabilia markets...

Unseen boyhood photographs of Paul McCartney, a banned album cover of the Fab Four dressed as butchers, and a signed copy of John Lennon's infamous 'we're more popular than Jesus' interview have all recently been put up for sale.

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