As you browse the pages of Paul Fraser Collectibles, you discover some of history’s most valuable objects.

Here is a selection of Paul Fraser Collectibles’ landmark sales from recent years. Each a testament to the growing demand for exquisite items at the top end of the collectibles sector:


1865 Hong Kong 96c olive-bistre block of four stamps: £550,000

  • A legendary philatelic item - the treasure of Hong Kong postal history
  • Unique colour error block of four in outstanding condition
  • The only unused multiple of the 96c olive-bistre

Henry VIII divorce document: £275,000

  • This document is the birth of the Church of England
  • It is Henry VIII's attempt to convince the Pope to annul the king's marriage to Catherine of Aragon
  • Extraordinary to find such an important document on the private market

JK Rowling handwritten miniature book: £90,000

  • A one-of-a-kind miniature handwritten manuscript from Harry Potter author JK Rowling
  • Consisting of 31 pages bound in green and gold hardback, and containing snippets from the Harry Potter series
  • Bearing a signature from Rowling on the title page

The 1851 Black Empress postage stamp: £90,000

  • The most valuable, rarest and sought after stamp of Canada
  • Fewer than 150 survive today
  • This example is in spectacularly fine condition

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Cuban Revolution signed and inscribed flag: £80,000

  • Huge flag, contemporary with the 1959 Cuban revolution, bearing handwritten inscriptions and signatures from Castro and Guevara
  • "We will not let anybody impede the triumph that is coming", writes Castro. Guevara pens: "We will only stop this fight when our flag waves free and sovereign"
  • Both autographs hugely collectible - never before seen together on a Cuban flag

Parts of Charles Lindbergh’s The Spirit of St. Louis plane: £75,000

  • Featuring bungee cords and valve springs from the plane on its record-breaking flight
  • As the first flight to successfully cross the Atlantic, Lindbergh and “The Spirit” remain highly collectible today.

Elizabeth I signed document with Great Seal: £60,000

  • Large (5½" x 19½" ) document signed by Queen Elizabeth I on vellum
  • Complete with Great Seal of the Realm (1558-1586) in good condition
  • Dated 1563, it states the terms of a loan that Elizabeth is taking out through her financier Sir Thomas Gresham

Pierrepoint Collection of Britain’s most infamous hangman: £59,000

  • Albert Pierrepoint (1905-1992) is the most prolific and infamous British hangman
  • Pierrepoint executed approximately 600 people between 1931 and 1956
  • Collection includes Pierrepoint’s execution ledgers, and his watch chain used at hundreds of executions

Albert Einstein’s handwritten general relativity equation: £45,000

  • Equations relate to the "metric tensor", within Einstein's theory of general relativity
  • Dated circa 1930 – 1932
  • Highly desirable, handwritten Einstein equations are hugely rare

The Beatles' signed A Hard Day's Night: £35,000

  • Signed clearly by all four members of the Beatles beneath their portraits
  • One of only 8-10 known to exist, according to Autograph Magazine's census
  • Superb condition, with only light wear to the edges and some toning

George Washington handwritten letter: £35,000

  • Washington writes to a farmer, regarding Washington’s visit to to see a newly-invented threshing machine in action
  • Written during his presidency (hugely desirable), from his Mount Vernon home, in August 1791
  • Washington always viewed himself as a farmer first, president second

Bruce Lee’s personal kung fu pamphlet: £29,950

  • Featuring Bruce Lee’s personal annotations on the practices outlined in the booklet
  • Lee has also inscribed: “Property of Bruce Lee, 1122 Jefferson Street, Seattle”
  • Bruce Lee died aged just 32 - making his memorabilia rare
  • Huge mystique surrounding Bruce Lee’s life - his memorabilia is highly-sought after

London 2012 Olympic lantern: £22,950

  • One of 11 lanterns used to transport the Olympic flame from Olympia, Greece to the UK
  • A modified miner’s lamp, so it could be carried on board a British Airways flight
  • Olympic torches and lanterns are hugely rare and highly collectible

Bonus content: 10 collectibles under £15,000 that made our clients money

  • Beatles White Album No. 0000002: bought by a Paul Fraser client for £500 ($840) circa 1980, sold for $81,000 in 2016 (up 265% per annum)
  • Elvis white stage suit, with cape and boots: bought by a Paul Fraser client for £15,000 in 2000, now valued at £150,000 (up 37.5% per annum)
  • Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip signed 1954 Christmas Card: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client for £2,500 in 2018, sold £4,950 in 2023 (up 19.6% per annum)
  • Prince Harry signed menu: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client for £2,750 in 2015, sold for £7,000 in 2024 (up 17.2% per annum)
  • Albert Einstein autograph: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client for £2,995 in 2018, now valued at £5,000 (up 11.2% per annum)
  • Buzz Aldrin autograph: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client for £595 in 2014, now valued at £1,950 (up 22.7% per annum)
  • Rolling Stones full set of 60s line up autographs: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client for £2,995 in 2016, sold for £4,995 in 2023 (up 9.5% per annum)
  • Princess Diana's childhood record collection: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client in 2012 for £15,000, now valued at £30,000 (up 7.0% per annum)
  • James Dean signed letter: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client for £4,950 in 2015, sold for £6,950 in 2024 (up 4.4% per annum)
  • 1966 England World Cup Squad Menu: bought by a Paul Fraser Collectibles client for £3,950 in 2015, sold for £4,950 in 2024 (up 2.8% per annum)

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