When Yukio Hatoyama from Japan recorded a song 20 years ago, he probably never imagined that it would be worth 35,000 yen ($375).

Fast-forward to 2009, and Hatoyama is set to be Japan's next leader.

His vinyl single, titled Take Heart - Fly, Dove of Peace and recorded in 1988, is being sold in an online auction, according to a Japanese tabloid.

Hatoyama, 62, is the wealthy grandson of a former premier. He will formally take office on September 16 following his Democratic Party's remarkable victory last week over the long-ruling Liberal Democrats.

Another copy of the yellow jacketed record - featuring a much young, grinning Hatoyama - appeared in a Yahoo! Japan auction with a starting bid of 50,000 yen.

The auction closes later this week - but so far there are no bids for the unique and unusual piece of memorabilia.

The song was written by Teruaki Asanuma, a 65 year-old dentist. He reportedly used his own funds to make 100 copies of the record and gave them to Hatoyama supporters.

"I never imagined that there would be a day when this tune would come into the spotlight," said Asanuma, according to the Kyodo news agency.

"Now I hope he will help to guide everyone to happiness as suggested in the lyrics of the song."

Hatoyama recently suffered embarrassment when it emerged that his wife, Miyuki, once wrote that she had travelled to Venus on a spaceship.

A video clip of he and Miyuki was unearthed and broadcast by the Japanese media on Monday.

Hatoyama will make his international debut as Japan's prime minister at the United Nations later this month.

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