At the weekend, an 18 year old Japanese girl was on a Viennese subway train with a friend and, when she got off at the West Vienna stop, remembered to take her suitcase with her.

However, she'd forgotten her other bag - the one containing a rare 1792 Antonio Gragnani made violin worth  €60,000-100,000.

Whilst she remembered this a few seconds later, the train had already left.

Why exactly she was carrying the instrument on the subway is not clear, as it seems unlikely she was planning to busk.

The antique was returned a few days later.

The man who handed it in said that he hadn't done so earlier because of work commitments - probably he had little idea of how valuable the item was.

The tourist must have been especially relieved as, unbelievably, the item was uninsured.

There are several lessons that could be learnt about storing and insuring valuable collectibles from this story, but most readers will have guessed them already.  


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