At Paul Fraser Collectibles, we strongly believe that collecting can enrich your life.

And, according to a leading nutritionist, it can also reduce stress, improve overall mental health and help you live longer...

According to the leading US nutritionist Joel Fuhrman, MD, after a tough day in the office, the opportunity to 'lose yourself' in something you love is invaluable.

President Franklin Roosevelt, for instance, dedicated half-an-hour to stamps every night during his time in the White House as a 'stress buster'.

With collecting, you can free yourself from the constraints of working for someone else, and the pressure of expected success, and concentrate on your own total enjoyment.

"As a rule, [it encourages] both physical and mental activity to keep the mind and body active and creative," Dr Fuhrman told the website Sports Collectors Daily.

"When used to re-activate one's social life, hobbies can be a valuable prescription for physical and emotional health."

Immersing yourself in an area of collectibles can give you a sense of empowerment - and the excitement of unknown possibilities in the search for treasured items, believes Dr Fuhrman.

"A recent study in Japan showed that elderly people with hobbies were healthier and happier," he said.

"And other studies investigating long life and successful ageing have documented 'outside interests', involvement with helping others, and connection with hobbies and interests, all promoted a longer life."

There is also the social aspect, and numerous opportunities to mix with like-minded people, and forge and boost relationships.

Going to a memorabilia show or participating in online forums lets you build relationships with others who share your passion.

Collecting, "encourages resourcefulness, thinking, planning and patience. It necessitates relationships and interacting with others and creates a feeling of accomplishment," says Dr Fuhrman.

"In general, enjoyment in one's life is one of the most important positive factors for good health."

And a sense of pride and accomplishment in a collection can translate into a better outlook when it comes to achieving other life goals, he said.

Joel Fuhrman, MD, is a board-certified physician, top-selling author and one of the country's leading nutritional experts.

He's appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN and the Discovery Channel; and contributed to numerous radio programmes, magazines and newspapers.

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