British Empire and Commonwealth postage stamps

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ASCENSION 1938-53 1½d black and vermilion, variety, SG40b/ba
VIRGIN ISLANDS 1867 4d lake-red on pale rose paper, variety, SG15/var
South Africa Orange Free State 1892 2½d on 3d ultramarine, SG67
PAKISTAN BAHAWALPUR 1949 UPU set of 4 to 2½a Officials, SGO28/31var
SOUTHERN RHODESIA 1937 3s, 10s to £10, £50 Revenues
SUDAN 1948 New Arabic six values (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15m), SG96a/102a
TANZANIA 1970-73 5c on glazed paper Official, error, SGO32a
TANGANYIKA 1917-21 10r red and green/green 'G.E'A,', SG60
SOUTHERN NIGERIA 1904-09 £1 green and violet, SG32ab
SOUTH AFRICA 1950-54 5s black and blue-green Official, SGO49
Australia 1932 5s blue-green 'Sydney Harbour Bridge', SG143
SOUTH AFRICA 1935-49 ½d grey and green Official, SGO20
SOUTH AFRICA 1928-30 6d green and orange Official, SGO6
SOUTH AFRICA 1926 6d green and orange Official, SGO4
SOUTH AFRICA 1933-48 ½d grey and green variety, SG54bw
SOUTH AFRICA 1930-45 2s6d (slate-) green and brown variety, SG49aw
SOUTH AFRICA 1930-45 2s6d green and brown, SG49
SOUTH AFRICA 1930-45 ½d black and green 'SUIDAFRIKA', variety, SG42b var
SOUTH AFRICA 1935-49 5s black and blue-green Official, SGO28
SOUTH AFRICA 1935-49 6d green and vermilion Official, variety, SGO24b
SOUTH AFRICA 1930-47 2s6d blue and brown Official, variety, SGO19b