British Empire and Commonwealth postage stamps

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CANADA 1915 2c carmine-red 'WAR TAX' (UNUSED), SG229
CANADA 1908 Quebec 20c dull brown, SG195
CANADA 1908 Quebec set of 8 to 20c (USED), SG188/95
CANADA 1903-12 50c deep violet (UNUSED), SG187
CANADA 1898-1902 'Numerals' 1c blue-green (UNUSED), SG151
CANADA 1897 Jubilee $5 olive-green (USED), SG140
CANADA 1897 Jubilee 15c slate (PROOF), SG132
CANADA 1889-97 'Small Queen' 10c brownish red pair (UNUSED), SG111a
CANADA 1868-90 Large Queen 15c brown-purple pair (UNUSED), SG71a
CANADA 1868-90 Large Queen 2c (deep) green (UNUSED), SG57
Canada 1927 20c orange Confederation horizontal pair, SGS5
Canada 1851 6d slate-violet used, SG2
Canada 1851 6d slate-violet used, SG2
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Cameroon 1915 1d on 10pf Surch Triple Two Albino U/M, SGB3d
Burma 1942 2a vermillion Henzada block of 4 used, SGJ24
Burma 1942 3p bright violet Myaungmya block of 4, used, SGJ12
BRUNEI 1908-22 $25 black/red (USED), SG48
BRUNEI 1908-22 $25 black/red (USED), SG48
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Brunei 1906 $1 on 8c black and vermillion, SG22
SOLOMON ISLANDS 1981 Ships and crests 8c (UNUSED), SG430w
SOLOMON ISLANDS 1946 Victory 1½d and 3d (SPECIMEN), SG73s/4s
SOLOMON ISLANDS 1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 to 1s (SPECIMEN), SG53s/6s
BERMUDA 1986 90c on $3 'Green Turtle' (UNUSED), SG534a
BERMUDA 1883-1904 1d dull rose (UNUSED), SG22
BERMUDA 1962-68 2d lilac, indigo, yellow and green (UNUSED), SG164a

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