British Empire and Commonwealth postage stamps

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New Zealand 1899-1903 2s blue-green, SG269
Newfoundland 1911 set of 6 to 15c, SG111/16
Newfoundland 1910 set of 11 to 15c, SG95/105
Newfoundland 1932-38 2c green, SG223ca
Newfoundland 1932-38 2c green, SG223ca
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Newfoundland 1857-64 8d scarlet-vermilion, SG8
MALAYA JAPANESE OCCUPATION 1942 Straits Settlements 3c green, SGJ149a
Malaysia - Sungei Ujong 1891 2c on 24c green, SG46
MALAYSIA - SELANGOR 1965 5c Orchids error, SG138c
MALAYSIA - PERAK 1965-68 15c Orchid variety, SG168/var
MALAYSIA - PENANG 1965-6815c Orchids error, SG71b
MALAYSIA - PAHANG 1935-41 6c scarlet, SG34
MALAYSIA - KEDAH 1965 2c orchid error, SG116b
North Borneo Labuan 1879 16c blue Specimen, SG4
Gibraltar 1904-08 1d dull purple/red variety, SG57bw
FIJI 2009 Local provisional 5c on 23c 'Fruit dove' error, SGF1359a
FIJI 2006-08 Local provisional 20c on 6c 'Birds' error, SGF1331a
FIJI 2006-08 Local provisional 2c on 6c 'Flycatcher' variety, SGF1323
FIJI 2006-08 Local provisional 'Birds' 1c on 6c error, SGF1316a
FIJI 1917 4d black Postage Due, SGD5
FIJI 1917 4d black Postage Due, SGD5
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FIJI 1994 Easter 59c variety, SG890(w)
Fiji 1896 registered cover to Scotland, SG84/5
FIJI 1946 Victory 2½d green variety, SG268a

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