British Empire and Commonwealth postage stamps

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MOROCCO AGENCIES 1903-05 25c purple and black/blue, variety, SG20/c
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1903-05 20c grey-green and carmine, variety, SG19/b
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1903-05 dull purple/red, variety, SG18/c
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1899 25c ultramarine, variety, SG12/c
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1898 20c olive-green and brown variety, SG3a
North Borneo Labuan 1896 Jubilee 1c black and grey mauve error, SG83fb
KUT 1948 Royal Silver Wedding 20c and £1, SG157/8
JAMAICA 1972 5c 'Oil refinery' variety, SG348w
Hong Kong 1935 Silver Jubilee 5c green and indigo, variety, SG134/b
Gambia 1935 Silver Jubilee 1s slate and purple, variety, SG146/a
Gambia 1935 Silver Jubilee 1½d deep blue and scarlet, variety, SG143/b
GAMBIA 1912-22 3s yellow and green variety, SG101a
GAMBIA 1912-22 1s6d violet and green variety, SG98a
GAMBIA 1912-22 1½d olive-green and blue-green variety, SG88a
SINGAPORE 1948 Royal Silver Wedding 10c and $5, SG31/2
GAMBIA 1912-22 ½d (deep) green, variety, SG86/c
GAMBIA 1869-72 4d pale brown, SG2
GAMBIA 1869-72 4d pale brown, SG2
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Somaliland Protectorate 1903 2a violet variety, SG27d
SEYCHELLES 1952 3c orange, error, SG159/b
SEYCHELLES 1938-49 75c slate-blue, SG145
SEYCHELLES 1935 Silver Jubilee 12c green and indigo variety, SG129d