Malaya - Johore 1922-41 $100 green and scarlet, SG127

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Malaya - Johore 1922-41 $100 green and scarlet "Sultan Sir Ibrahim", Script watermark, SG127.

A fine mint example with original gum and centring far above average for this issue.

A very scarce stamp in such fine mint condition.

Provenance: With the London stamp expert and philatelic dealer, F.B. Turpin hand stamp on reverse.

Accompanied with a Brandon Certificate of Authenticity (2000).

Sultan Ibrahim was the 2nd modern Sultan of Johore and the 22nd Sultan overall. As an Anglophile, he continued the policy of friendly relations with the crown of Great Britain. He was particularly known for his practice of manipulating his friendship with King George V and VI to thwart the expansionist ambitions of the British Empire.

However, he became highly unpopular later in his native land for his opposition to Malayan independence. This led him to spend most of his time away from Johore, traveling extensively in Europe, particularly to Britain.

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