£645k wristwatch is the first of its kind

Only 10 of these Patek Philippe watches, 'taking infinite patience and countless hours of work to create,' will be made each year

Cheating husband's 40 gifts to wife sold for £286k

Fine diamond jewellery bought by millionaire businessman to cover his infidelities is sold by daughter

Watches for sale including a $500k beauty and a space-flown rarity

300 of the finest timepieces in existence are to be auctioned off this autumn

Enormous jewellery theft

Royal guest stung by slick burglary at exclusive hotel

Could you spot a fake Rolex?

A simple guide to assist in telling whether you're being sold the genuine article

Item rejected by TWO New York auction houses sells for $620k

It was left to a small auction house to uncover a story of Hitler, Goering and a 101 year-old undiscovered artefact

Texas drug gangster's loot to go under hammer

Convicted drug dealer's belongings will be auctioned with 700 other illegal items seized by the FBI, this Saturday

'Nearly flawless' diamond ring sells for $77k

'Little summer estate sale,' throws up surprise big seller

Global fashion giant releases $265k watch

The wristwatch and fashion worlds are set to be rocked by this design leader's latest innovation

$1.3m for a Patek Philippe

One of the world's most expensive watches has appeared on the market

Pretty in pink

Spectacular pink diamond goes on tour before its winter sale

Which 'most expensive' footballer has developed an eye for collectibles?

This player is 'becoming more mature with his money' and, 'he now wants items which hold value,' says a source

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