Top 10 priciest pieces of jewellery in the world

The MailOnline has listed their version of the '10 most super-expensive pieces of jewellery'...

Tsar's long-lost jewellery to sell for £1m

Faberge items, cufflinks and cigarette boxes of fallen Tsar Nicholas II are discovered in Sweden after 91 years

Flawless diamond for sale

A ring with a pear-shaped diamond is expected to fetch $2m is part of a collection up for auction

The world's first jewellery

A find in Morocco reminds us just how old collecting is

Watch where your money's going

Californian man paid out for a watch the seller didn't have

The five best collectors' watches in 2009

Containing hundreds of diamonds, miniature cathedral gongs and even pieces of 2,000 year-old moon rock... Here are some of the world's best watches

Metal detector finds £1.1m

Hugely valuable Viking stash uncovered in Harrogate field

For sale: rare 18-c Patek Philippe gold watch

Coins, watches and jewellery will also feature in US auction

China overtakes India as world's No.1 gold market

China's mainland has proven to be the most resilient among global jewellery markets, say analysts

Oscar winner's watch

A gold watch given as a present from a famous actress to a famous actor is up for auction

German jewellery and watch investments boosted by recession

�Consumers see jewellery as a store of value,� says experts, and sales are increasing

Coin collectors' 50th anniversary

It started small, but this weekend enthusiasts of many kinds will come from far and wide

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