Jonathan Jackson of Queens, New York is accused of defrauding Oscar Ho of California of $100,000 by offering for sale something he never possessed.

The item in question was a fabulous Patek Phillipe Model 5970G. Ho and Jackson negotiated over the internet, and Ho sent $100,000 to a Bank of America account owned by Jackson, according to the North Country Gazette.

However, Jackson wasn't negotiating under his own name, but that of Jonathan Miller, and he wasn't using his own IP address, but that of his neighbour which he accessed using a wireless connection.

It is alleged that Ho never received the watch despite repeated requests.

District Attorney Brown commented "While online shopping offers a certain ease and convenience over traditional store shopping, consumers should always be cautious and remember the old adage, 'buyer beware,' because shopping online, sight unseen, can potentially pose a big risk."

This is wise advice, and those seeking top of the range watches - or anything else of value - should be cautious about buying online unless the website and seller have an established reputation, as we do at Paul Fraser Collectibles. 


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