Harry Winston inc have made a strong name for themselves in recent years with their innovative time pieces.

The Harry Winston Ocean Diver Chronograph is no exception.

The 44mm case comes in either 18 carat rose or white gold, the former of which makes it look particularly elegant.

But this is clearly a sports watch in look, and not just because the strap is made of rubber. The case design is very much that of a sports watch in style.

The dial is black with pale white, luminous numbers and three sub-dials, two of which taken together clearly tell you the date at a glance.

The other dial is the second timer, which consists of the classic Harry Winston logo (a little like a throwing star with four blades if you're not familiar with it).

Much of the watch is made using the Harry Winston trademarked metal Zalium, the zirconium and aluminium and who-knows-what-else alloy that has been used in all their project Z watches.

The watch will retail at $36,400, or $39,400 for the rose and white gold versions respectively. 


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