In Greenville, South Carolina, 30 people clubbed together to form the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association. The year was 1960, and they had hopes that they would make progress and grow to make some worthwhile contribution to the future of numismatics.

It would have pleased them greatly to know just how successful they’d be. Meeting this year in Dalton, Georgia they now have 10 times as many members and a broader range of interests catered for than ever before.

The 200 trading tables will include a number for banknotes and other paper currency, as well as coins, from America and the rest of the world, not to mention a serious jewelry trader.

There are also a number of talks to be heard. Pierre Fricke and award-winning Dr. Walt Ostremecki will both be speaking. Fricke will be speaking about paper money during the Civil War, on which he is a particular expert.

For a long time, the association moved around through cities in four South-Eastern states including: South Carolina (Greenville and Spartanburg), Tennessee (Chattanooga), North Carolina (Charlotte) as well as Dalton in Georgia, but for the last 15 years it’s been all about Dalton. People just love the city and the BRNA has found its home.

In honour of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th anniversary, one member will be in full Abe-garb to meet and greet. There will also be a raffle from which some lucky winners can take home gold coins.



The show runs from Friday August 21 to Sunday at the Northwest Georgia Trade Center in Dalton. 


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