Revealing the best new 2009 Bordeaux wine investments

As regular readers of Paul Fraser Collectibles will know, the 2009 Bordeaux vintage has inspired breathless praise from wine experts all over the globe. Eminent critic Robert Parker has even extended his famous "100 points" ratings system for the new vintage.

Initially, prices of 2009 vintages were mooted to be similar to the 2005 - and it's now thought that prices will appreciate rapidly, as collectors will want to crack the bottles open sooner as well as later...

"This vintage also has the characteristic as being one that is likely to become drinkable quite early in its life - [within] five years or so," commented expert Stephen Williams of the Antique Wine Company.

Parker's own verdict, meanwhile, also endorses the 2009 as a potentially great long-term investment.

He wrote that the 2009 has, "the finest potential of all the offerings I had ever tasted from that estate, in nearly 32 years of barrel tasting samples in Bordeaux."

So the question for collectors and investors is: 'now that the wines are available on the market, which ones should I look out for - and snap-up before somebody else does?'

Well, according to the leading wine dealer, Acker Retail, two of the most limited wines are currently the 2009 Chateau Bellevue Mondotte and the 2009 Clos l'Eglise. Acker's prices value a case of each at $3,995 and $2,895, respectively.

Parker heaped superlative-laden praise on both: describing the Chateau Bellevue Mondotte as "A brilliant wine... with an extraordinary nose... [and] a floral perfume aspect (95-100 points)" and the Clos l'Eglise as "An extraordinary wine of compelling intensity, opulence, and breadth of flavor (96-100 points)."

Other less-scarce wines to watch include the Chateau Palmer at around $3,895 per case. It's a "Superseductive wine... Full and velvety, with fresh acidity and a long, long finish (95-98 points)," according to J Suckling at the Wine Spectator.

Another is the Chateau Pavie, currently valued at around $3,895 per case. Parker's notes mention, "…loads of minerality, huge extraction, massive power, yet again, the vintage character seems to have given it a freshness and vibrancy despite the wine's obvious viscosity (96-100 points)."

Elsewhere, Mathew Jukes, an expert at Quintessentially wine, has compiled his favourites from the 2009 batch. In terms of sheer quality, he points to the Château d'Yquem, Château Lafite-Rothschild and Château Margaux (you can read his full Top 10, here).

Jukes agrees with Stephen Williams that the 2009 Bordeaux is likely to be snapped-up quickly - in his opinion, drunk well within eight years - and that prices are likely to skyrocket accordingly.

"Without the freshness of acidity that the 2005s possess, (in harmony with their tannins), 2009 will be a more forward and juicy vintage in the cellar," he says ('forward' meaning likely to be opened sooner).

Nevertheless, new collectors should bear in mind that the 2009 vintage isn't the be-all-and-end-all. Many experts are also recommending the 2008 for its investibility, while we have also compiled our Top Five investments from the older vintages that are currently available on the market.


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