New wristwatch evokes the spirit of Patek Philippe

Watchmaker Grieb & Benzinger prides itself on producing wristwatches based on exceptional historic movements and its latest timepiece, the Platinum, is sure not to disappoint.

One of the firm's specialities is employing the minute repeaters originally made by the great Old Masters of horology, in this case by Patek Philippe around 1880-1920.

The Grieb & Benzinger Platinum

The Platinum's movement was originally exclusively built by Patek Philippe for the famous New York-based jewellery Tiffany's, around 1887.

Grieb & Benzinger's version of the vintage Patek movement is modified by its own-style regulator, all hand-engraved and coated with 130g of blue platinum within a 49mm diameter case.

Needless to say, Grieb & Benzinger's extra-special take on classic timepiece technology is very rare and valuable, and will be highly sought-after among collectors.


Image: Grieb & Benzinger

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