A car key straight out of James Bond

Jaeger LeCoultre are no strangers to innovation. For example, they created a watch for Polo players on which the face can be flipped over during play in order to prevent it being damaged.

Their latest offering does something rather more straightforward: it incorporates a remote car key into the watch itself. Simply tapping the watch face will open the vehicle.

Of course, this is not any old car. The watch can only be bought as an option when you buy a particular car first. This, suitably enough for a watch with features beyond telling the time, is a car James Bond might approve of: an Aston Martin Rapide supercar.

The watch is not cheap, but then it was not a simple task to graft the 'plipper' into the watch. It needed to be made small enough to fit into the mechanism, and the rest of the watch needed to be made such that the electronics were not thrown off by the addition - adding a garotte would have been much easier

Naturally, the car is not closed or opened by anything as unsubtle as a button, rather touch-sensitive regions of the face operate the locking mechanism.

This is not the first time that cars and collectible watches have been created in tandem. For example, Mercedes created the SLR Chronograph to match their latest offering a few months back.


Image: Jaeger LeCoultre 

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