Our best-selling item - the perfect Christmas gift!


We're drowning in an endless sea of socks.

It's the same every year.

I know we all appreciate cosy feet...

But there must be more to Christmas than another pair of socks.

Something unusual. Something unique. Something incredible.

2020 has been an extraordinary year.

So why not round it off with an extraordinary gift?

For someone you love. Or just for yourself.

Nobody ever says "Wow!" or "That's amazing!" when they unwrap a pair of socks.

But they will when they open this...

This is an incredibly rare, 100% genuine half-inch strand of Marilyn Monroe's hair.

The real thing.

Beautifully framed. Guaranteed authentic.

It's a truly spine-tingling piece of memorabilia.

From the most famous woman of the 20th century.

And it's yours to own for just £399.

You can buy one right now if you like.


But that's just the start...

How about the King of Rock and Roll?

Or the first man on the moon?

Now you can own a piece of them for £399 as well.

An incredible piece of history at an affordable price.


Historic hair strands are by far our best-selling product.

We ship them to collectors all over the world. And there's a very good reason...

No other piece of memorabilia gets you closer than this.

It's a direct connection to history's most inspiring and important figures.

You can literally reach out and touch them.

Whether it's Napoleon, John Lennon or George Washington...

Owning a strand of their actual hair is absolutely thrilling.

So if someone you love has a passion for history, you won't find a finer gift.

Our new and improved historic hair displays will look striking wherever you place them.

And even better...

Our historic hair displays are all new and improved, just in time for Christmas!

Each half-inch strand now come beautifully housed in a 7 x 7 inch frame and ready for immediate display.

Place them on your desk. Hang them on your wall.

Wherever you put them, you'll always be drawn back with the spine-tingling thought:

"I can't believe I actually own this..."

It's a special gift that offers a lifetime of enjoyment.

And not only have we improved the design, but we've also expanded the range of historic hairs available.

So now there's something for everyone - no matter what their passion.

Highlights in the range

For Beatles fans we've got John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who wrote the soundtrack to our lives and changed pop music forever.


For political minds we have George Washington and John F. Kennedy, two iconic U.S Presidents who shaped modern America.


For history buffs we have famous figures spanning more than 400 years.

From the finest military leaders of their generation, such as Napoleon and Admiral Nelson...


To British monarchs such as King Charles I or Mary, Queen of Scots, who met their fate beneath the executioner's axe.


All these strands are available to buy immediately for just £399.

But in each case, the supply is extremely limited.

Once they're gone, they're gone.

So if you want to secure your own remarkable piece of history...

Or give a loved one a truly unique Christmas gift they'll treasure forever...

Place your order today.

Just click on any of the hair strands pictured to complete your purchase.

Or visit my online store to see the full range available.

Discover our full range of historic hair strands

History never looked so stylish.

Every one of the historic hairs in our range is guaranteed genuine.

We've sourced these strands from major auction houses, direct contacts in the entertainment industry and the world's most renowned collections.

And every one comes complete with my Certificate of Authenticity and my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.

So you can buy in complete confidence that the historic hair you receive is 100% authentic.

Don't drown in a sea of socks this Christmas.

Choose a gift that's unusual, unique and incredible.

Give them a true piece of history.

You can place your order in my online store.

Email me directly at info@paulfrasercollectibles.com

Or call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading,


PS. Place your order now to ensure delivery in time for Christmas. But hurry - you don't have long!

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