A special piece at an affordable price: A JFK worn necktie

It's a historic day in America.

The inauguration of a new U.S President.

A tradition more than 230 years in the making.

And in moments like this, when the whole world is watching together, I'm always reminded of simple idea:

History belongs to everyone.

Historic artifacts aren't just for museums and multi-millionaires.

Every collector should be able to own something special.

I always strive to find remarkable items for my clients, no matter what their budgets.

That's why I love the item I'm about to show you.

It comes from one of the most significant political figures of the 20th century.

But with a price that won't break the bank.
A John F. Kennedy owned and worn silk necktie
This silk necktie is from the personal wardrobe of President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy owned and wore the tie in the late 1950s, during his time as a U.S Senator.

It's in beautiful condition.

And it comes with fantastic provenance.

This is a great piece for any collector of political memorabilia.

It just arrived in stock.

And you can purchase it today for only £4,995 ($7,413).
John F. Kennedy's Presidential inauguration on January 20, 1961
There's a special feeling when you hold this tie in your hands.

A sense of gravitas. A sense of purpose.

Particularly now as I write this.

Because it was exactly 60 years ago today that John F. Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States.

He brought a sense of hope and a vision of the future that captured hearts and minds.

That vision put a man on the Moon. It struck a blow for equality and Civil Rights.

It stood strong as the world teetered on the very brink of nuclear war.

When Kennedy was assassinated on November 23, 1963 the whole world watched together in shock.

And six decades on his political legacy, intruguing personal life and mysterious murder still fascinate us.
Boston Globe Kennedy assassination front page headline
John F. Kennedy is a genuine political and cultural icon.

Few figures in U.S history are as sought-after by collectors.

  • That's why his cigar humidor sold for $574,500.
  • His Air Force One bomber jacket sold for $629,000.
  • And his personal golf clubs sold for $772,500.

But collecting historic memorabilia isn't just about the 'big ticket' items.

Sometimes the smaller things can mean the most - just like this tie did to former owner Bob Morey.

Morey was John F. Kennedy's former chauffeur and political aide.

He worked side by side with Kennedy for 15 years, from his first congressional campaign in 1946 until he became President in 1961.

He was gifted the tie in the late 1950s, whilst Kennedy served as the Senator for Massachusetts.

Morey was a key figure in Kennedy's team as he travelled tirelessly across America to establish himself as a national figure.

It's that close personal connection to JFK gives this tie such superb provenance.
JFK's owned and worn silk necktie
In 2013 a group of similar silk ties owned by Kennedy sold from the collection of his former special assistant David F. Powers.

They all achieved prices from $7,800 up to $9,000 each – and that was eight years ago.

Since then the market for Kennedy memorabilia has continued to grow steadily and significantly.

The PFC40 Autograph Index shows that the value of his signature alone has increased by 6% per annum for the past 20 years straight.

And yet you can still buy this tie today for only £4,995 ($7,413).

It's an exceptional and affordable price for such a personal item of JFK memorabilia.

I've kept the price low for a simple reason:

I believe that every collector should have the opportunity to own a special piece of history.

This could be yours.


A silk necktie formerly owned and worn by John F. Kennedy
This is far more than a simple signature.

President John F. Kennedy owned and wore this tie on his way to the White House.

And now you can own it today for less than £5,000.

That's a small price to pay for a significant piece of history.

It also comes with my Certificate of Authenticity and my personal Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee - which means you can buy in complete confidence that it's 100% genuine.

Buy it now, or email me right away at info@paulfrasercollectibles.com to reserve it for your collection.

You can also call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading,



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