X-15 rocket engine nozzle tops Regency Superior auction

An XLR-99 rocket engine nozzle, used in the experimental X-15 aircraft, has sold for $26,000 at Regency Superior in St Louis, Missouri.

The nozzle, which has been fired, would have been used to accelerate the gasses within the engine - allowing the rocket to achieve supersonic speeds.

X15 rocket Regency Superior
The X-15 remains the world's fastest aircraft

The X-15 was developed by the US government in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and was flown by test pilots who would go on to become members of NASA's Apollo programme - including Neil Armstrong.

It retains the record for the fastest speed ever set by a manned aircraft, achieving 4,520 mph (7,247 km/h), as well as being the first to make it to the edge of space.

In January of last year, an X-15 engine sold for $150,000 at the 38th Annual OrcoExpo Stamp Show in Anaheim, California. This example sold for considerably less due to it missing its injector assembly.

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Also featuring was a gold Robbins medal dating to 1998 and flown on the STS-88 mission - which lasted 11 days and was the first stage in bringing together the components of the International Space Station.

gold Robbins medal 1998
The gold medal was presented to the crew of the STS-88 mission

The medal is cast in 10k gold and presented in its original case, with the auction house describing it as being in "pristine" condition.

It is one of only three gold Robbins medals from this mission.

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