Toy's return from space creates a Buzz


Three heroes of space appeared in a parade in Walt Disney World, Florida on Friday. Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, former space station commander Michael Fincke and Buzz Lightyear, the astronaut to hold the record for the most time in space.

The parade, which ran down Main Street USA, was particularly to honour the more vertically challenged Buzz, who has just returned from a 15-month space station mission.

Whilst Aldrin rode in a 1969 Camaro convertible and Fincke used a convertible too, the 12 inch, exhausted-looking Buzz Lightyear skimmed along behind them in a little remote-controlled Toy Story type car, no doubt reminding some of a scene from the first film.

Now that it is a "flown item" (meaning that it has been in space), the small, plastic Buzz figurine will be likely to fetch a great deal at auction, should it ever come up for sale.

At Paul Fraser Collectibles, we currently have three items of space memorabilia for sale, which the larger Buzz may recognise...

The flight suit worn by fellow Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, a large colour photo signed by Collins, Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and individual photos signed by all three.

Aldrin briefed the charismatic toy in 2008, and says he reminded Lightyear that he's the real Buzz.

The toy was reportedly left speechless.


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