Limited 200-edition signed space artefacts

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation has unveiled its 2010 Space Artifacts - collectible flown space artefacts elegantly encased in Lucite, with the mission insignia.

For the uninitiated, "flown" space memorabilia are items which have been in space.

The foundation's 2010 artefacts will include:

  • A swatch of Beta cloth, the same kind of glass-woven fiber fabric used to cover the astronaut's spacesuits, flown to the Moon on Apollo 14's command module Kittyhawk.
  • A pyro system schematic from a data book that was aboard the Apollo 16 lunar module Orion.
  • A space shuttle thermal protection system tile segment flown on the first four flights of Discovery, removed after the STS-51D flight.

Display-friendly space artefacts
The reverse side of each Lucite display box features a description of the artefact, its individual number and a digital astronaut signature.

Each item comes from the astronaut's personal collection, according to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's personal website, and is certified and signed by each.

Photos: MrSpace86 at CollectSpace

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