He must be missing Woody and guys terribly, but he'd never let on.  

A Buzz Lightyear figure staying on the International Space Station has become the longest space-dweller of all time, beating cosmonaut Valery Vladimirovich Polyakov's 437 day record by 30 days.

The space shuttle Discovery returns home today. Reporters were reassured that Toy Story's Buzz is very secure by fellow astronaut Timothy Kopra.

Buzz joined the mission as part of an agreement between NASA and Disney Parks to encourage interest in science and technology and is expected to be celebrated by parade in Disney World, Florida.

Buzz Lightyear
He's unlikely to make any great speeches though. He gets 'shy' when Tim Allen isn't around.

Lightyear is not the only toy on board.

The others include: seven-inch model of the space shuttle, a model car, wood-carved knight, mini Frisbee and a Velcro chess board with which astronaut Christer Fuglesang played people back on Earth.

Needless to say, all of these toys would be highly collectible. Toy Story's Andy could be a wealthy boy.

Buzz Aldrin is expected to be on hand to meet his namesake around the time of the parade, but it seems unlikely Lightyear will be all that excited to meet him.

Aldrin only made it to the moon - Lightyear is aiming for infinity ...and beyond. 


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