The centrepiece of the October Space auction in Upper Dallas, Texas is to be James Lovell's signed log book.

It includes his personal reflections on what it was like to experience space travel for the first time. He was particularly impressed by viewing sunsets from space and freedom from gravity.

"I can't get over the beauty of the earth from here," write Lovell. "Sunsets are fantastic - all shades of blue... 0g is amazing - I wonder if I will get used to 1g when I get back to earth? This book just floats in front of me when I let go of it..."

Whilst some astronauts do try to get across their emotional experiences of space travel, (Alan Bean's paintings being a particularly fascinating example) there are very few contemporary accounts written in notebooks which were actually in space with them at the time.

This piece is estimated at $10,000-$12,500 whilst Lovell's Apollo 8 Flown Crew Log from the first manned mission to the moon is expected to go for $30,000-$40,000.

Along with Lovell, there are a number of items contributed from the private collections of Apollo astronauts John Young, Ron Evans, Paul Weitz, Edgar Mitchell, and Charles Duke.

There are several autographs available including a few by Neil Armstrong, who famously hasn't signed for many years, even refusing Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives with a polite "i'm sorry, i don't do that anymore".

Unsurprisingly Armstrong is acknowledged to be the rarest living signature by collectors around the world. 

Watches are also amongst the pieces going under the hammer: two Omegas from the collection of moonwalker John Young (though neither flown), and the Rolex of Ron Evans.

Evans flew to the moon, though he didn't walk on it. The latter is estimated at $60,000-80,000.

The auction takes place on October 8.  Given the rarity of good quality space memorabilia, collectors won't want to miss it.



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