The. Only. One.

They are among the most valuable objects in collecting... 

The artefacts from events that never took place. 

Pieces such as a:

  • Buddy Holly concert poster, for the night after he died: SOLD $447,000
  • Advert for Titanic's return journey: SOLD £76,000
  • Chicago Daily Tribune with the "Dewey Defeats Truman" US election headline: SOLD $45,000

You have the opportunity to own one of these extraordinary curios today.

In fact, this may be the most extraordinary of all.

Because this is:

Your personal link to the shocking reign of Britain's most controversial king. 

A reign that ended after just 12 months.

With a momentous decision still felt today.

Because this is:

The only invite in existence to Edward VIII's coronation.

The. Only. One.

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An invite to the coronation that never was

The invite takes the form of a notice. 16 by 12 inches. With just 107 words printed upon it.

This notice is placed on view in Britain's House of Commons. Inviting every member of the House of Commons to the coronation.

It's November 1936.

The coronation planned for May 1937 will never happen.

Because Edward VIII is in love. With a divorcee, Wallis Simpson.

And he plans to marry her.

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Edward VIII is in love

Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin tells the King:

"The government has decided. You have a choice. Cut ties with Wallis Simpson and you can stay king.

"Or marry her, and abdicate."

(These were different times.)

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Wallis Simpson in 1936

In the end, the decision is an easy one for Edward.

He marries the woman he loves. Wallis Simpson.

And on Dec 11, just 326 days into his reign…

..Edward VIII announces live on radio to the British public from Windsor Castle: “A few hours ago I discharged my last duty as King.”

George VI is now the monarch. Edward flees to Austria the next day.

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Edward was a popular king - his abdication shocked Britain

Edward VIII is the only British monarch to have resigned voluntarily.

Any object related to Edward VIII’s 12-month reign is a scarce and desirable thing. Even Edward VIII-era postboxes are hugely collectible.

Yet this piece?

This is the pinnacle.

And it's unique. Because there were still seven months to go before the coronation, no other invite had been made.

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Attractively framed to an overall size of 16 x 12 inches

The notice has superb provenance.

It comes originally from the collection of FJ Bellenger, a British MP.

It is Bellenger’s handwritten notation you can see at the head of the notice. “Exhibited in House of Commons previous to Edward VIII's abdication Dec 1936."

It sold at a Sotheby’s London auction in 1992.

You buy with complete peace of mind when you acquire this piece.

You get my Lifetime Moneyback Guaranatee of Authenticity. You get my certificate of authenticity. And you also get the comfort of my 28-day returns policy if you change your mind. For whatever reason. Or for no reason at all.

As well as free, fully-insured delivery to any location in the world.

Incredible value

  • Think back to those sold prices from other events that never took place. $45,000. £76,000. $447,000.
  • And remember this is the only invite to Edward VIII's coronation in existence. 

Yet the price is just £7,500 ($9,095).

If you want it, take it while you can.

 Click here to buy now

Only one person can own the invite to Edward VIII's coronation. Will it be you?

Reply to this email immediately. Or call +44 (0)117 933 9500.

Thank you for reading,


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