Bloody Mary will knock on your door tonight

Later tonight, they will knock on your door.

They will ask you a question.

If you give the wrong answer, you will be taken to Smithfield in London.

You will be tied to a stake.

And you will be burned until you are dead.

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One of the 300 who gave the wrong answer

The question they will ask you is this:

“Heretic: do you recant?”

In other words, “Will you turn your back on Protestantism and become Catholic?"

If you answer yes, the men will leave you alone.

If you answer no, you will say goodbye to your family. And not live to see morning.

That is daily life under Bloody Mary.

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 Beware of Bloody Mary (1516 - 1558): England's first Queen

Also known as Mary I. Or Mary Tudor. The first Queen of England. 

The oldest daughter of Henry VIII.

Mary had 300 Protestants who refused to recant burned at the stake.

It was her mission to return England to Catholicism.

To undo the actions of her father, Henry VIII, in breaking from Rome.

This is your opportunity to own one of the rarest documents in Royal history:

A letter signed by Bloody Mary as Queen.

In fact,

This is the only Bloody Mary signed document for sale right now, anywhere in the world.

Why are they so rare?

Mary's reign lasted just five years until her death in 1558.

Which means she signed few documents as Queen.

It's why almost no documents from her reign ever appear on the private market.

And why, when one does emerge for sale, it's huge news among Tudor manuscript collectors. 

Word hasn't reached the Tudor manuscript community about this piece yet.

You have the opportunity to swoop in and buy it before they find out.

But you will need to act now.

Because this letter is extraordinary:

Bloody Mary signs it on October 1558, just five weeks before her death.

In fact, this may be the latest Mary I signed document that exists.

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The only Bloody Mary-signed document for sale anywhere in the world

It bears an outstanding example of her signature.

Signed wonderfully legibly: "Marye the Quene" [Mary the Queen].

Bold and clear. Unfaded after more than 460 years.

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So bold and clear: "Marye the quene" - among the finest Royal signatures in existence

Mary sends the letter, in English, from St James's Palace on October 9, 1558.

Just 38 days before the end of Mary's reign. When she dies from a mysterious fever after years of illness.

She sends it to George Bredyman, "one of the grooms of our privy chamber". Which means Bredyman is one of Mary's inner circle.

Mary asks Bredyman to deliver "of such our treasure as remayneth in your custody unto our welbeloved Nycholas Brigham... fyve thousand pounds...".

With this letter Mary entrusts Brigham to look after her £5,000. That's over £1 million today. 

Brigham was one of Mary's most trusted treasury officials. Just as well, with sums this large. The vellum document measures 6” x 9” (155mm x 230mm), a perfect size for display.

The text remains superbly crisp and clear.

And, remarkably, it retains its original Royal paper seal.

Few documents from this period survive with these delicate seals still intact.

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Incredible: the original Royal paper seal survives intact after 465 years

Only five Queens have ruled England.

Mary Tudor was the first.

The value and importance of this piece will never be diminished.

So this is one of the most significant historic autographs you can own.

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Signed by the same hand that signed 300 death warrants...

And this is quite likely the only opportunity you'll ever have.

So make this outstanding autograph part of your collection.

Before word gets out it's available.

You can own it today for just £25,000 ($29,835).

Buy the Bloody Mary signed letter now

Buy with complete confidence

It comes with my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity and my own personal Certificate of Authenticity.

And delivery is completely free and fully insured.

You can also buy it on or +44 (0)117 933 9500.

Don't miss your opportunity.

Thanks for reading,

Paul Fraser.

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