The extraordinary reason you can’t buy Henry VIII’s signature

I’m about to reveal to you... 

The first genuine Henry VIII signature I’ve been able to source in over 10 years. 

There’s an extraordinary reason why Henry VIII’s signature is so hard to find... 

But it’s probably not the reason you think. 

  • Yes, Henry VIII lived 500 years ago. So some of the documents he signed will naturally have been damaged or lost... 
  • And, yes, Henry VIII is a key historical figure. So many of the documents he signed are now stored in museums or university libraries…
  • And yes, Henry VIII documents are highly coveted by high-end collectors, meaning they rarely emerge for sale… 

All good points. All true. But you could state them about any important figure from centuries past. 

No, there’s a fantastic reason why Henry VIII’s signature in particular is so scarce. 

A very human reason. A very real reason. 

It’s this. 

Henry the Eighth was the most frightening, unpredictable and vindictive boss you could ever have the misfortune to work for. 

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"What do you want?

"His courtiers were terrified of him. They would go to huge lengths to avoid being in the same room as him. 

Henry executed 57,000 people during his 36 years in charge.

Now imagine. 

You’re a courtier at Hampton Court. 

You’ve heard Henry’s in one of his notorious moods - again.

Women trouble. Gout. Plots against him. Whatever it is today, he is not happy. 

But you have a document you need him to sign. 

Dare you walk up the stone steps? Knock on the heavy wooden door? And disturb Henry in his chamber? 

“Please, your majesty, would you kindly sign this?”

Well, would you? 

I know I wouldn’t!

And it’s the decision many courtiers - probably sensibly - took. 

They either dispatched the document unsigned. Or asked a secretary to sign on Henry’s behalf. 

It’s why - compared with other kings and queens of the period - Henry VIII signed few documents. 

Nobody liked to bother him if they could help it. 

It’s truly remarkable how Henry’s ferocious personality has impacted the supply of his signature. 

An impact that is felt so keenly today. 

And that is why I am so excited to reveal this to you. 

Because it’s one of the few documents Henry VIII did sign. 

And we have a brave courtier to thank for it. 

I have just sourced it after years of trying. 

It is fresh to the market today. I put it live just two hours ago.

Here it is:

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Documents signed by Henry VIII are particularly rare as courtiers didn't like to bother him

You're one of the first people to know it exists. 

The document is dated 6 December 1513 at Windsor Castle - the ancestral home of the royal family. And where Queen Elizabeth II is buried today. 

When Henry signs here he is in just the fourth year of his reign. Aged 22. 

It's just four months after he led the English army to victory over the French at the Battle of the Spurs. 

Henry is happily married (just four years in) to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. 

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King Henry VIII has signed the head of the document “Henry R” in wonderfully bold ink.

Signed "Henry R" by Henry VIII 510 years ago - a courtier has added "by the king

"The R in Henry's signature signifies the words, "Rex Omnibus", meaning "king of all" in Latin.

The document is a warrant addressed to Sir Andrew Windsor, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe. 

It commands Sir Andrew to supply cloth and other materials to be made into gowns and other garments.

The vellum document remains in very good condition for its age. It measures approx. 8 x 5 inches.

The content reveals the day-to-day admin of the royal court. It reminds us that beyond the headlines for Henry VIII, there was still a king running a country. 

This is a document of great historical value. 

A similar warrant from Henry VIII to the Keeper of the Great Wardrobe is held in the archives of New York’s prestigious Morgan Library - home to one of the world’s finest document collections. 

You’ll find a second example in the esteemed National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London. 

Yet what you’ll rarely find is an example for sale on the private market. 

Yet that is exactly the opportunity you have today. 

If you aspire to own history’s greatest treasures. And place yourself among the leading collectors in the sector…

You need a Henry VIII signed document in your collection. 

I have personally authenticated the document and signature. Using my 45 years’ experience in the autograph and documents trade. 

That’s why you get my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity and my personal certificate of authenticity when you buy. 

You also get 28-day no quibble returns if you don’t love it.

The price for his extraordinary piece of Tudor history is £65,000

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Remember. I’ve just sourced this. It’s incredibly scarce - because of the ferocious personality of the man who signed it. 

Take this opportunity today. 

Until next time, 

Paul Fraser, Chairman, Just Collecting

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