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Hi fellow collector

It was the evening of September 9, 2022. I took the signature from my desk drawer.

48 hours before, it was just another autograph. 

Now, it was transformed.

It had become a piece of wonder. 

I hardly dared touch it. 

What had happened? 

Prince Charles had become king

Earlier that day. In extraordinary, unscripted scenes…

King Charles had stopped the car outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.

And met, shook hands, even hugged the thousands of well wishers who had adored his mum. 

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A Prince becomes King

And in that instant Prince Charles had transformed into King Charles - "the people's king".

A man to lead us through these darkest of days. And beyond, into better times.

In that moment too, Charles' personal memorabilia acquired a new importance. A greater majesty. 

Today you can own the King Charles III signature I took from my drawer.

And a lot more besides. Because it forms part of...

The King Charles III Collection

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A young Prince Charles

A unique collection of Charles III artefacts. Each intimately associated with the king as a boy. And impossible to recreate. 

I will reveal the complete collection to you in a moment. 

But first, to explain its importance, I need to tell you a story. 

Every other Thursday afternoon, Mr George Crisp would put a “closed” sign on the door of Trumper's barbershop in Mayfair.

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Trumper's barbershop: "By appointment to the late King George VI"And take a short stroll across Green Park to the side entrance of Buckingham Palace. 

Mr Crisp would be welcomed and shown upstairs by a footman. 

There Mr Crisp would find King George VI waiting for him. 

In this way, Mr Crisp would trim the hair and beard of George VI every two weeks. 

Following King George’s death in 1952, the new Queen continued to regularly use Mr Crisp for her own children. 

And when Charles was home from boarding school for the holidays, you would be sure to find Mr Crisp once more setting out for the Palace, barbering tools in hand. 

Mr Crisp cut royal heads for 42 years. From 1928 until his retirement in 1971. 

Today you have the opportunity to own several extraordinary artefacts Mr Crisp kept from his time cutting Prince Charles’ hair. 

They form the most unique collection of King Charles III memorabilia you will likely ever have the chance to own. 

They are: 

  • A lock of Prince Charles’ black hair: Kept securely by Mr Crisp as a reminder of his time with the Prince. This is the only piece of Charles’ hair ever offered for sale. A unique artefact. There is no item of King Charles III memorabilia more intimate than this.
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A lock of King Charles III's hair - not available anywhere else

  • A very early Prince Charles signature: Charles personally wrote this Christmas card to Mr Crisp, likely in the mid 1960s. I know of only one earlier Charles signature. The autograph is clear and handsome. And so different from his adult signature.
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Charles' adolescent black ink signature is very different from his adult autograph

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The front of the Christmas card: both card and signature are in very good condition

  • Mr Crisp’s barbering scissors and comb: Almost certainly used by Mr Crisp to cut Charles’ hair. (Mr Crisp had stored the scissors and comb together with the lock of hair and Christmas card - indicating their connection). Both show signs of use. The scissors feature a French maker's mark; the brown plastic comb bears the Kent of London maker's mark. Kent holds the Royal Warrant for hairbrushes in the UK.
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Both comb and scissors show good use

The collection comes with strong provenance. 

It was originally sold by a descendant of Mr Crisp’s. 

  • The collection also includes a March 1971 invitation to the Palace from the Queen, to thank Mr Crisp following his retirement that year.

This is a sure sign that Mr Crisp was a hugely valued barber.

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The Queen requests a meeting with Mr Crisp at Buckingham Palace

You also get wartime photographs of Mr Crisp, as well as two newspaper cuttings detailing his regular employment at the Palace. 

  • One of the cuttings, from the Daily Express of 26 September 1961, details how Mr Crisp visited Buckingham Palace to trim Charles’ hair after the Prince had returned from Balmoral. 
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Cuttings include a 1961 Daily Express article about Mr Crisp cutting Charles' long hair

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Mr Crisp - the Royal Family's personal barber

As a further level of security, you get my lifetime moneyback guarantee of authenticity and my certificate of authenticity. 

Genuine, investment-grade Charles memorabilia is almost non-existent. 

Forget limited edition pieces produced for the coronation. Made in too great a number to be worth anything in the future. 

And the Charles signed Christmas cards you see selling online are almost certainly produced by an Autopen machine.

This is one of the few opportunities you have to own genuine, top-level pieces. 

Rising prices

I've witnessed the surge in demand for Charles’ personal history since he became king in September. 

This demand will only grow over the years to come, as Charles grows into the role.

Prices are starting to rise. Yet you’re still at the start of things. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. 

Yet here’s the thing. 

I acquired this collection in 2018. When Prince Charles was still Prince Charles. And prices were lower than they are today for his memorabilia.

Which means I can offer this collection to you for an astonishingly low price. At significantly below true market value. 

A price that gives you a terrific head start if you’re buying for investment. 

When you consider that signatures by the late Queen sell for £5,000. And a lock of hair from Che Guevara auctioned for $119,500 a few years ago. 

Or that the hairdressing scissors and comb used to trim Neil Armstrong’s hair are priced at £35,000. 

You may wonder what price tag I will put on this. 

The collection is yours for just £9,995. That is only $12,390. 

I’ve just put the collection live this afternoon. Word will soon reach the royal collecting community. 

This is a one-off collection you won’t find again. 

At this price I do not expect it to be available for long. 

Don’t miss out. 

Buy the King Charles III Collection now

Or reply to this email to reserve. You can also call on +44 (0)117 933 9500. 

Until next time. 


PS. Buy with complete confidence - you get 28-day no-questions-asked returns if you don’t love it

PPS. You get free delivery to anywhere in the world

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