Bruce Springsteen’s tour jacket to sell at Bonhams

A Bruce Springsteen tour jacket given by Al Pacino to the daughter of journalist Lawrence Grobel is selling at Bonhams.

Pacino and Grobel became friends in 1979, after Grobel interviewed the star for Playboy magazine.

Pacino Springsteen jacket

Springsteen gave the jacket to Pacino, who gave it to his friend's Springsteen-obsessed daughter

He would regularly visit the family at their home.

Grobel’s daughter Maya had developed an obsession with Bruce Springsteen when she turned four. One day, when she was eight, Pacino casually mentioned that he knew Springsteen.

Grobel explains in a letter of provenance: “Maya was in full skeptical mode.

“’Oh yeah, sure you do," she mocked. Pacino found her reaction amusing, understanding that to Maya, Springsteen was Famous and Al was just Al.

“‘It's true,' Pacino said, ‘I do know him.’

“Maya continued to doubt him, so Al went on. ‘No, really,’ he persisted. ‘And not only that, I was once walking in New York on my birthday when I ran into him. When I mentioned that it was my birthday, Bruce took off the jacket he was wearing and gave it to me. I told him I didn't really want it, but he insisted.’”

Grobel then explains that Maya continued to doubt Pacino, up until he arranged for the jacket to be sent from his home in New York to the Grobel home in LA.

Maya woke up to find the jacket on her bed.

The lot is valued at $15,000-20,000.

While it’s not a major piece of memorabilia, the fact it has passed through the hands of two of the biggest names in entertainment could well boost that figure.

Other highlights of the March 27 auction include the console Pink Floyd used to record Dark Side of the Moon.

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