Biggie Smalls’ death SUV on offer at Moments in Time

The SUV Biggie Smalls was riding in when he was shot dead in March 1997 is on sale at dealer Moments in Time.

Smalls, aka the Notorious BIG, was shot four times while the car was stopped at a red light. He had been out at a party in LA earlier in the evening.

Biggie SUV Moments

Biggie Smalls was shot dead in the SUV in March 1997

His killer has never been apprehended.

Remarkably, the car was bought soon after by a young family who had no idea of its past. 

The family explains in a letter of provenance: “We bought the car from a broker in Chula Vista, CA, who had bought it from an auction in LA.

“We owned the car for years, using it as our family vehicle, not knowing about its history.

“In 2005 an LA Detective called and informed us about the car’s involvement in the shooting of Biggie Smalls and that it would be needed for the trial.

“We have kept the car now for 20 years and have decided it is finally time to sell.”

The lot is expected to make around $1.5m.

Unbelievably, the site is also offering the BMW in which Smalls’ great rival Tupac was shot dead in September 1996 for an identical sum.

Tupac bimmer

Biggie and Tupac died six months apart

Both men died in drive-by shootings in eerily similar circumstances.

Rumours have abounded over the years that Smalls’ associates were behind Tupac’s murder and so he was killed in revenge.

In January, a ticket to the boxing match Tupac attended on the night of his murder sold for $24,500

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