Stallone Rocky leather jacket realises $149,000 at Heritage

A black leather jacket Sylvester Stallone wore in the Rocky series led an auction of memorabilia from his personal collection, realising $149,000 on December 20.

The piece is visible in various pivotal scenes from the franchise.

Stallone jacket Heritage
Stallone bought the jacket a few years before starring in Rocky

Stallone explains: "I remember when I bought this jacket. It was obviously quite a few years before I ever even thought about Rocky, before Rocky was even an idea.

"This is what I would wear in my everyday life. And when the time came to do the movie, we didn't have a budget where we could afford an original wardrobe so I thought, 'Why don't I just wear the things that I think Rocky would wear, clothes from my real life?

"So, I went in my closet, pulled out this jacket. It's one of those unique times where life imitates art, art imitates reality.

"This jacket was used in several of the films and it really established Rocky as kind of mythical, dark knight character."

Other lots in the sale included John Rambo's poncho from First Blood, which sold for $60,000.

Stallone had not realised how cold filming in Canada would get and described Rambo as wearing a short sleeved sweater in his script.

This piece of canvas was discovered under a truck during the shoot and swiftly adopted for the character.

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