Kenner Star Wars pack beats estimate by 171%

A pack of seven Kenner Star Wars figurines sold for $32,500 at Sotheby's New York on December 11.

The lot headlined the sale of Japanese fashion designer and musician Nigo's collection of Star Wars toys, beating an estimate of $12,500 by 170.8%.

Kenner Star Wars
Kenner sold the pack exclusively through Sears Canada

The pack was sold exclusively through Sears Canada in 1980 and is extremely rare today. It features several well-known characters from the franchise, including Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett.

A Kenner Luke Skywalker with double telescoping lightsabre sold for $25,000 - a record for a single Kenner Star Wars figurine.

It smashed a valuation of $18,000 by 38.8%.

The lot is one of only 20 known specimens of the toy, which was produced for a short time before Kenner changed the telescoping lightsabre to a static one.

It displays a serial number on the foot, indicating it was one of the earliest to be produced.

Nigo commented in the run-up to the sale: "The style of my collecting is really unchanged and I still collect toys.

"I am motivated to do it for the same reason, which is the personal attraction I have to certain things."

Last week a Palitoy Death Star sold for �2,200 ($3,314) at Vectis Auctions.

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