Walt Disney Autograph
You’ll find few genuine examples of Walt Disney’s autograph for sale.
And there are some interesting reasons for that.
You see, Disney is something of a special case.
Few recognised him
Disney has been a household name since the 1930s.
But that’s Disney the production company.
Walt Disney autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons) 

Sure, a handful of animation buffs would write to him for an autograph. But you’ll find very few from this time.

As a result, autographs he signed at the beginning of his career are much more valuable than those he signed later on.
I’ve seen specimens from the 1930s go for upwards of $20,000.
But that’s not to say later autographs are common.
Walt Disney only really started to get recognised on the street in 1954, when he starred in a Disney TV show. The bulk of his autographs date to the mid-1950s to 1966, the year he died.
That’s a single decade.
His work defines childhood
Demand for Walt Disney’s autograph is absolutely through the roof.
Walt Disney autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons) 

After all, he’s been a presence in the lives of children since the 1930s.

Just think of the movies he produced.
Snow White, Dumbo, Bambi…
And even today, decades after his death, Disney remains a behemoth of children’s cinema.
Frozen, Moana, Pirates of the Caribbean…
Walt Disney continues to be a part of children’s lives.
And so his market grows with each generation.
I can think of few other names where a great grandparent and a grandchild would have an interest in owning their autograph.
That’s because
Walt Disney is unique.
His influence is singular.
Walt Disney autograph

(Image: Paul Fraser Collectibles) 

The company he founded continues to reflect his vision.
And, as a commitment to this, its logo is based on Disney’s signature.
It’s the most famous signature in the world.
Generations to come will grow up seeing that signature at the start of their favourite movies.
They’ll enjoy vacations at Disneyland – now on practically every continent.
And as they grow, they’ll associate that signature with childhood – just like their great great grandparents before them.
Paul Fraser.
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