Margaret Thatcher’s autograph: the Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher was an incredible figure.

In 1979, she became the first female Prime Minister of the UK.

In fact, she was the first modern female leader in Western Europe (the Soviets were some way ahead of us in the equality stakes).

Here in Britain she was hugely divisive. Her supporters adore her. Her detractors despise her. Her legacy is hugely complex.

Over the years I’ve watched demand for her autograph increase.

Prices have tripled since 2000.

Here’s why.

She’s an icon

It can be tricky to put your finger on what makes a famous person an icon.

It’s not just recognition.

Margaret Thatcher autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

They have to reflect something essential about the era they lived in.

And here’s no doubt Margaret Thatcher does that.

She was a central figure in the Cold War. One of Britain’s longest serving Prime Ministers. And Thatcherism continues to impact the world today.

As a close friend and ideological ally of Ronald Reagan, her autograph also has appeal in the US - putting her in a club of two with Winston Churchill.

She’s divisive

It’s been said before…

But there’s a growing divide in politics.

Margaret Thatcher autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Left and right are growing ever more entrenched.

The language is getting harsher.

In this climate you might expect demand for Thatcher’s autograph to fall.

But in truth, the opposite is happening.

People tend to double down in the face of opposition.

Owning a Margaret Thatcher autograph is a political statement.

And there simply aren’t enough to go round.

Her autograph is rare

Margaret Thatcher was in power between 1979 and 1990.

These were tough times for Britain.

The Cold War was ongoing.

The economy was on the rocks. 

Margaret Thatcher Autographs

(Image: Paul Fraser Collectibles)

The IRA was conducting a terror campaign against the UK.

Thatcher narrowly survived an assassination attempt in 1984. 

Add to that her unpopularity with much of the country…

And it’s not hard to see why her autograph would be rare.

She was mainly signing for friends and colleagues.

Demand is higher than supply and it's driving up prices. 

And there’s no reason to expect demand to fall in the future.  

Paul Fraser.

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