Winston Churchill’s autograph: bulldog spirit

Winston Churchill’s autograph is not all that rare.

He had a long and distinguished career as a statesman before he served as Britain’s wartime Prime Minister.

You’ll find letters dating back to the late 1800s, when he was a young soldier fighting in the Boer war.

And yet, despite the broad availability of his signature, prices keep getting higher.

Let’s take a look at the specific factors driving demand.

Wartime role

You can’t talk about Churchill without considering his leadership during the Second World War.

Winston Churchill Autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons) 

He was a stalwart figure, inspirational in his speeches and innovative in the way he fought the conflict.

Every buyer interested in owning his autograph has his wartime record in mind.

As you’d expect, autographs from 1939-1945 are the most sought after.

And it’s not just Brits. You'll find WWII collectors all around the globe, so demand for carries across international borders.

Signatures from this time come at a premium.

This is why…

Supply is low

Despite the large number of Churchill signatures in existence, you’ll see relatively few on the market.

Once an item sells, it tends to stay out of circulation.

You see, it’s not only private collectors who are after Churchill signatures.

Museums and other institutions have a strong interest in owning them.

Churchill’s influence was broad.

He had a fascinating career as a member of the British elite and was closely involved in 20th century British history.

Good content

Churchill was a great writer.

And a prolific one too.

Winston Churchill Autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons) 

He wrote 43 full length books, from fiction to history.

That means that, in contrast to other world leaders, the content of his letters is often revealing.

You get an insight into the way he was feeling at the time and how he approached the problems he faced.

Signed photographs also tend to be of high quality.

Churchill is an eminently iconic figure with a clear visual identity and most show him with the cigar and smart dress he was known for.

This reputation for quality further increases the values buyers are prepared to pay.

Paul Fraser.

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