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Apollo 11 crew-signed photograph

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A stunning oversized Apollo 11 crew photograph, fully-signed by astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

This large official NASA portrait is presented in a highly rare 14” x 11" format, and is professionally framed and mounted to form an impressive display piece for your autograph collection. Read the full story.

Was: £14,995. Now: £13,495Save £1,500.

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Winston Churchill signed letter

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A superb Winston Churchill letter signed in 1948 - just three years after he led the Allies to victory in WWII.

Sent to a fellow M.P as an invitation to one of Churchill's legendary lunches.

A key autograph for any historic collection, preserved in good condition with an exceptional example of Churchill's signature. Read the full story.

Was: £5,995. Now: £5,395Save £600.

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Andy Warhol signed exhibition catalogue

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A boldly signed Andy Warhol exhibition catalogue from his landmark 1971 show at the Tate Gallery in London.

Featuring an image of his 1964 masterpiece 'Shot Sage Blue Marilyn', which sold in 2022 for a record-breaking $195 million.

Framed and mounted along with a portrait of Warhol. An iconic display pieceRead the full story.

Was: £6,995. Now: £6,295Save £700.

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Original Mick Jagger handwritten Rolling Stones lyrics

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A remarkably rare set of Mick Jagger handwritten lyrics, for a previously unknown Rolling Stones song.

Believed to date circa 1965, in the earliest days of Jagger and Keith Richards' songwriting partnership - the same year they wrote 'Satisfaction'.

A superb piece of history from the world's greatest rock and roll band.

Read the full story.

Was: £18,000. Now: £16,200Save £1,800.

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Oliver Cromwell signed military document

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A rare Oliver Cromwell signed document relating to the New Model Army.

Signed by Cromwell in 1650 - just one year after he signed the death warrant of King Charles I, and changed the course of British history.

Bearing a large, clear example of Cromwell's signature, preserved fully intact on the original document. An exceptional discoveryRead the full story

Was: £12,499. Now: £11,249Save £1,250.

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Charles Lindbergh handwritten & signed letter

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A fascinating handwritten signed letter from pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh - one of the 20th century's most famous men.

Dated March 1956 and marked "Confidential and personal", with superb content about his aviation career and battle for privacy.

A rare piece of aviation history. Beautifully preserved and highly collectible. Read the full story.

Was: £5,995. Now: £5,395Save £600.

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Beatles fully-signed photograph

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An outstanding Beatles photograph signed by the band in 1965.

Personally inscribed by John Lennon to a crew member on the film 'Help!', following filming on location in the Bahamas.

Featuring an excellent set of autographs from a highly desirable period of Beatles history.

A rare, well-documented and professionally restored collector's piece. One of the finest signed Beatles items we've offered in years. Read the full story.

Was: £29,995. Now: £26,995Save £3,000.

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Lock of hair from Founding Father John Adams

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A lock of hair from the head of Founding Father and 2nd U.S President John Adams - one of the most important figures in American history.

An important and valuable relic, from the man who co-wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Gifted by a member of Adams' family, and discovered in a sealed envelope belonging to a U.S Civil War soldier. Read the full story.

Was: £12,000. Now: £10,800Save £1,200.

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Muhammad Ali signed photograph

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A 10" x 8" black and white portrait of boxing legend and cultural hero Muhammad Ali.

A seriously impressive display piece, featuring Ali's unmistakable autograph signed clearly in silver ink.

One of the most iconic images in sports history, signed by the greatest athlete of the 20th century. Read the full story.

Was: £2,500. Now: £2,250Save £250.

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Elizabeth I signed Royal manuscript

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A magnificent, museum-quality Elizabeth I signed Royal manuscript.

Dating from 1591, and featuring an exceptionally large, clear example of Elizabeth I's signature.

supremely rare item, offered with its delicate original paper seal still intact.

One of the finest historic Royal manuscripts available on the open market today. Read the full story.

Was: £65,000. Now: £58,500Save £6,500.

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Every one of these items is offered with a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity, and comes with free international shipping as standard.

So give yourself an extra Christmas gift this year.

I'm sure you've earned it. And you'll treasure it for years to come.

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