The touching link between 2 Hollywood greats

We have a holiday tradition in our house.

It just isn't Christmas until you've watched 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

And when Jimmy Stewart runs through the snow, shouting "Help me Clarence! I want to live again!"...

It gets me every single time.

I suspect I'm not the only one.

Because Stewart was one of the greats.

A star with an 'everyman' quality you could always relate to.

It's A Wonderful LIfe: hands down the greatest Christmas movie of all-time.

Mr Smith Goes to Washington. The Philadelphia Story. Harvey. Rear Window.

Jimmy Stewart's films remain classics to this day.

And away from the screen, he was also a genuine WWII hero.

He flew 20 combat missions over Europe, rose to the rank of brigadier general, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

So Jimmy Stewart wasn't just a fine actor. He was a fine man.

And this is a very fine handwritten letter for your collection.

From one legend to another

It's also a very rare letter. And so much more than an autograph.

Because it was written by Stewart to another Hollywood great.

One of cinema's most iconic figures. The legendary John Wayne.

Together they starred in three of the finest Westerns ever made: 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance', 'How the West Was Won', and 'The Shootist'.

And off-screen the two men were close friends for years.

Stewart called Wayne "the biggest star in the world", and said "in his lifetime, Duke stamped AMERICA across the face of the motion picture industry."

I don't think any of us would disagree.

Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne starred in three classic film together, and formed a lifelong friendship.

The letter is written on Stewart's personal headed stationery. 

Although undated, it's believed Stewart sent this letter to Wayne on his birthday in May 1979.

At the time Wayne was in hospital following surgery for stomach cancer, and he sadly passed away just two weeks later.

It reads in full:

“Dear Duke - Happy birthday and we send you our best wishes and respect, and admiration and love – Gloria and Jim.”

It's a poignant letter that would have comforted Wayne in his final days.

A unique handwritten letter that links two of cinema history's biggest stars.

Owned by the Duke

The provenance of this letter marks it out as a standout piece.

Because it originates from John Wayne's own personal collection.

The Duke owned this letter. And now you can as well.

After his death in 1979, it remained with Wayne's family for more than 30 years until the auction of his estate in 2011.

And since then it has been part of a single collection.

They say "Old cowboys never die, they just ride off into the sunset."

For John Wayne fans, items like this help keep his memory alive.

John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart were friends to the end.

“As a friend, well, you just wouldn't want a better one... He portrayed on screen the values he lived off screen.

"Gentle - so much so, it would have surprised his critics. Loyal - once your friend, always your friend. Courageous - if you doubt it, remember his fight against cancer, or the way he faced heart surgery. And decent. Above all, Duke was a decent man.

"His principles never varied. Nor did his ideals. Nor did his faith in mankind.”

Jimmy Stewart on his late friend John Wayne

A unique piece of Hollywood history

This is a superb collector's item.

A unique letter that links two of Hollywood's greatest stars.

They don't come any bigger than Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne.

Together they made movies that have stood the test of time.

This handwritten letter is a touching memento of their friendship.

And it comes with direct provenance from John Wayne himself.

You can purchase it now for only £3,995 ($4,950).

Purchase this letter now

This letter is fully authenticated, and is covered by our 28-day 'No Quibble' returns policy.

And don't forget, delivery is completely free and fully insured.

So act now to add this superb piece to your collection.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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