The man who destroyed the Royals

For 1,200 years, Kings and Queens have ruled Britain.

The Royals are as much a part of British identity as trips to the seaside, tennis at Wimbledon, and Coronation Street.

It’s why:

  • 500,000 tourists visit Buckingham Palace each year
  • Almost half of Britons watched Elizabeth II's funeral
  • Prince Harry’s Spare is the fastest-selling non-fiction book in history

So you'll understand the uniqueness, importance and scarcity of this item I'm offering you today.

Because in those 1,200 years…

...Britain has been ruled by 62 monarchs. That’s 54 kings and 8 queens.

Yet there is only one Oliver Cromwell.

The only non-Royal to have led Britain.

Despised and revered in equal measure. Both then and today. 

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Oliver Cromwell: one of the most notorious and divisive names in British history

Oliver Cromwell is:

  • The man who signed King Charles I’s death warrant
  • The man who transformed Britain into a republic for 11 years
  • And who almost succeeded in destroying the British monarchy for ever

And that is why you must consider this remarkable Cromwell item for your collection today.

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Hugely impressive. Look how well Cromwell's signature stands out

Letters from Oliver Cromwell are scarce.

Only three letters from the first 40 years of Cromwell's life exist.

And most later signed documents are in museums or university archives.

This is one of the few that isn't.

And what's more...

It's one of the finest Oliver Cromwell signatures I've ever handled.

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Signed by the same hand that signed the death warrant of King Charles I

This is a large, impressive letter in superb condition.

It measures 7.3 by 11.4 inches (18.5 by 29 cm): a perfect size for display.

And it remains wonderfully intact after 373 years, with only folds, toning and minor paper loss.

Cromwell's signature is bold and prominently placed. It's a large, clear autograph of the highest quality.

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A rare chance to own the signature of the only commoner to have ruled England

One of the finest Cromwell signatures you'll see.

As with almost all letters of this period, a secretary handwrote the content - likely with Cromwell dictating.

It's so timely

The document is dated 14 February 1650.

In the middle of the English civil war.

And just one year earlier in 1649...

The same hand that signed this page signed the death warrant of Charles I.

The content is significant

Cromwell writes to Sir John Woollaston, the Treasurer at War.

Cromwell orders Woollaston to pay the men in the New Model Army cavalry regiment.

This is the new army Cromwell himself set up. Creating the framework for today's British army.

The New Model Army is one of Cromwell's greatest achievments. And here he is, in this letter, writing about it. That's the kind of content you dream of as a collector.

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Oliver Cromwell's statue at the Houses of Parliament - its presence is hugely divisive

This is a key autograph for English history collectors.

And one of the finest Oliver Cromwell signed documents you can possibly own.

Major pieces like this do not appear on the market often.

Take this opportunity.

Own it now for £12,499 ($15,150).

Buy now

I have personally authenticated the document and Cromwell's signature.

That's why, for your complete peace of mind, you get my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee and my personal Certificate of Authenticity when you buy.

And delivery is completely free and fully insured. To any address in the World.


  • This is a historic document of the highest order.
  • Signed by one of the most notorious figures in English history.
  • Opportunities to own Oliver Cromwell's autograph are rare.

So buy it now, or email me at

You can also call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

Thanks for reading,

Paul Fraser

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