JFK assassination licence plates valued at more than $50,000

The licence plates from the presidential limousine in which JFK was assassinated are to highlight a sale of political memorabilia at Heritage Auctions.

Codenamed SS-X-100, the car was a heavily modified 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible. The work was carried out by the Cincinnati-based auto shop Hess & Eisenhardt.

Kennedy license plate
The licence plates were recovered from Kennedy's presidential limousine after his death

After the shooting, the car was returned for further modifications - including the addition of a roof and bulletproof windows.

November 22, 1963 would be the last time a president rode in an open-topped car.

Heritage comments: "The consignor's father was the owner of Hess & Eisenhardt. The limousine was transported to their facility in Cincinnati, accompanied by an FBI agent.

"During the refitting process, a package arrived containing the new set of plates.

"The agent took off the old plates, discarded them, and installed the new set. The plates were retrieved from the trash and retained as a souvenir."

The lot carries an opening bid of $50,000.

Kennedy's 1951 US passport is also on offer.

The lot was issued early in Kennedy's career as a congressman and shows stamps from around the world. It also displays his signature and photograph.

The lot previously sold at Guernsey's in 2005 for $64,800. It's up for auction at Heritage with a minimum bid of $25,000.

We have this phenomenal original campaign poster from Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign for sale.

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