Alan Hodgkin's Nobel Prize to exceed $450,000?

A 1963 Nobel Prize presented to physiologist Alan Lloyd Hodgkin for his pioneering work on the central nervous system is up for auction at Nate D Sanders.

The lot is to headline a sale that closes on October 29. It carries a minimum bid of $450,000.

Hodgkins Nate Nobel
Alan Hodgkins' work led to a greater understanding of the central nervous system

Hodgkin's discovery of action potentials in nerve impulses enabled scientists to understand diseases like Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.  

He also discovered the Hodgkin cycle, which furthered our understanding of how cells interact.  

The medal is the latest of a glut of Nobel Prizes at auction. Last year Leon Lederman's 1988 award sold for $760,000 at Nate D Sanders, while Hans Krebs' made ?�275,000 ($430,476) at Sotheby's.

The record stands at $4.7m, set for DNA scientist James Watson's prize in 2014. Prior to that auction, Nobel Prizes were not in wide circulation.

A costume worn by Michael Jackson at the 1986 MTV music awards is another highlight of the eclectic sale, with a $50,000 minimum bid.

Jackson took to the stage wearing the outfit for a performance of We are the World, the charity single he co-wrote with Lionel Richie.

It's a military inspired piece, typical of his stage wear at the time.  

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