Jackson's collectibles are ever-more valued, two years after his death



It's hard to believe American music star Michael Jackson has been dead now for two years, ever since that famous Thursday evening in June 2009.

He was already a living legend by the time of his untimely death at the age of 50, and since then his stock has risen even further, literally.

Forbes' list of the top-earning dead celebrities listed him in the number one position last year, giving Jackson the dubious honour being the wealthiest deceased star.

Ironically, he never actually made the celebrity 100 list during his lifetime, but has now made $275m since 2009, more than the other 12 celebrities on the list combined.

Of course, as happens to items connected to most of the elite singers, musicians and film stars after they die, memorabilia linked to Jackson has rocketed in value in the two year period.

Pieces which contained his autograph, like a signed photo, were worth £750 last year according to the PFC autograph index. Now this same item would set you back by £1,200, an increase of 60%. Again this was more than anybody else included in the rankings.

During the last 10 years, the accumulative value of these items has gone up by a whopping 585.7%, beaten only by other megastars like George Harrison and John Lennon.

Sales of more significant items connected to the King of Pop have also been making large amounts of money, with one sale in New York's Hard Rock Café on November 21 2009 bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars.


A shining example of Jackson's exhuberance, this glove became as famous as the man himself

At the event, his rhine-stone encrusted white glove, which he wore the first time he ever moonwalked in 1983, sold for a handy $350,000 - more than nine times the estimated price.

In another sale taking place this very weekend, at Julien's Auctions based in Beverly Hills, arguably his most famous ever possession is being put up for sale, the red and black jacket he wore in 1984 for his iconic Thriller music video. It is expected to make $200,000-$400,000.

Michael Jackson collectibles are no doubt going to become more valuable in the future, as his status as the greatest pop star of the 20th century is already cemented. Investing in one of these pieces of music memorabilia is virtually a guaranteed success.


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