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Investing in Collectibles

A free guide to investing in Collectibles

If your portfolio strategy has room for investments that provide the prospect of strong returns, coupled with great security, then the high-end collectibles sector could be for you.

Rare autographs, celebrity memorabilia, coins, stamps…

These are markets with a low-correlation to the stock market, that are driven by the forces of supply and demand.

Which is great news for you.

Because demand for these gems of collectible history is at an all-time high, as new money from emerging economies such as China and India joins the wealthy Baby Boomer market in the West.

And the items we have for you are getting rarer by the day - as their counterparts are lost, damaged or pass into museum collections.

Investing in collectibles with Paul Fraser Collectibles will enable you to:

·         Capitalise on an upward market

·         Diversify your portfolio

·         Fight back against inflation with tangible assets

·         Hedge against currency fluctuations

·         Enjoy the security of investing in historically strong markets

·         Experience the unique pleasure of owning pieces of history

·         Take advantage of our 250 years of industry experience

Take a look at each collectibles asset area for yourself.

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