On this day in history... John Lennon released his second self-penned book



Frontman of The Beatles, John Lennon, released his second book called A Spaniard in the Works, on this day, June 24, in 1965.

Proving he was not just an extremely talented musician, but an all-round master of creativity, it was a collection of eccentric stories and surreal drawings which showed just how vivid his imagination was.

Such a thing would clearly be listed as a highly collectible item now, especially if it was in good condition or even a first edition.

Any item connected to one of the Fab Four, who rose to global stardom during the 1960s, can be considered valuable, such was their fame and enduring popularity.

The book, even though it was clearly just a sporadic outpouring of ideas, did signal the intentions of Lennon to try his hand at solo ventures.

Later of course, both he and Paul McCartney would go on to enjoy massive success again as single artists.

Recent sales of memorabilia linked to the famous Liverpudlian band have proved there is still a large market for collectibles associated to them, not just for fans of the group, but also for investors who see further potential in the items.

Last month, on May 21, an extremely rare item was sold at auction in America, by Case Antiques. It was a historically important album signed by each member of the band, and contained their first hit single in the United States, I Want to Hold Your Hand.

From there on, they became global stars, and so it marked the beginning of their most successful period. Therefore it is not very surprising that it sold for $63,250.

Items connected to John Lennon, like the unique autographed card pictured, though simple in nature, are still worth thousands.

Other pieces, like these drumsticks from his Tittenhurst home are also worth large amounts of money, despite not even being signed. It is testament to the enduring legend that is John Lennon.



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