Adolf Hitler signed Mein Kampf sells for $64,500 at Nate D Sanders


A two-volume set of Mein Kampf inscribed by Adolf Hitler to early Nazi Party member Josef Bauer has sold for $64,500 at Nate D Sanders.

The online auction closed on February 27.

Hitler Mein Kampf signed
The two volume set of Mein Kampf is inscribed to NSDAP member Josef Bauer

The first volume is a second edition printing with Hitler's signature dated 1925, while the second is a first edition and dates to 1926. Both feature inscriptions wishing Bauer a happy Christmas.

Around the time that the books were signed Hitler was rebuilding the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) after a short stint in Landsberg Prison. He was interned there following the failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, which Bauer participated in.

A set of memorabilia from the 1975 blockbuster Jaws sold for $50,330.

The lot included a set of personalised cast and crew life jackets, including those worn by Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss, alongside photographs of the famous animatronic shark, and call sheets for the various shoots.

A nautical technician who worked on the film consigned the collection.

A medal presented to Robert McNamara, secretary of defence for both the JFK and Lyndon Johnson administrations, made $40,625.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction is the highest accolade that can be presented to a civilian in the US, and was awarded for his work during the dark days of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War.

It is accompanied by a document signed by Johnson and is exceptionally rare, as few such medals are presented and fewer still come to auction.

In October 2012, Sotheby's held an auction of Robert McNamara's personal collection, selling a commemorative Cuban Missile Crisis paper weight gifted to his by President Kennedy for $95,500 - a 282% increase on estimate.

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