JFK-Monroe sex tape to sell from ex-Hollywood bodyguard's collection

A sex tape that is claimed to show JFK and his brother Robert with Marilyn Monroe is coming to auction.

The Tulare County Sheriff in California seized the 8mm tape from an ex-Hollywood bodyguard and memorabilia collector as part of a debt payment. The bodyguard's entire collection, including the tape, will be sold by the sheriff department with a minimum bid of $200,000 on March 4.

Owner William Castleberry claims he has never broadcast the tape. "It's real. I had it for years and I never released it out of respect for Joe DiMaggio� I'm just sick about it and I'm desperately trying to raise money to get it back," he told RadarOnline.com.

Marilyn Monroe's rumoured affair with President John F Kennedy continues to set tongues wagging today. Monroe was believed to be infatuated with the president, and is even said to have confessed to the affair in a call to Jackie Kennedy.

After the president died, she turned her affections to Robert Kennedy, who visited her the day before she died.

According to Castleberry, he hasn't yet shown the tape out of respect for Joe DiMaggio, but will release it to the world if he manages to raise the funds

According to biographer Anthony Summers, J Edgar Hoover, as head of the FBI, tried to prove that John F Kennedy was the man featured in a sex tape of Marilyn Monroe following his death, but was met with a lack of evidence.

Adding further validity to the story are the relatives of late Hollywood private investigator Fred Otash, who claimed that he filmed a sex tape with Monroe and JFK after Monroe asked him to record her phone calls.

Castleberry is attempting to raise the funds to buy back his collection before the sale takes place, and says he will be "releasing it all to the world" should be able to do so.

Prospective buyers will not be able to view the film prior to the sale, with Castleberry's lawyer adding: "I have no idea what is on the tape, it could be what Mr. Castleberry says, or it could be a Disney cartoon. The only way anyone will ever know is if they buy it and view it."

Among other items seized from Castleberry are a Babe Ruth jersey and books signed by Thomas Edison.

"I had hoped to give it all to a museum, or even open one myself," Castleberry explains. If I don't get it back, well, okay. It's just stuff and I can start over. My wife is extremely sick and when I go to heaven someday, I'm not taking a U-haul full of stuff with me."

In 2009, a video that shows Marilyn Monroe smoking cannabis sold at auction for $250,000. It is now freely available online.

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