A different court... Baseball legend Jackson faces memorabilia legal battle



American Baseball legend Reggie Jackson has filed a lawsuit against an auction house which is selling off a large number of items that once belonged to him.

The former star, who played for the New York Yankees, took the action out against American Memorabilia Auctions on Tuesday July 5.

He claims that Las Vegas based auctioneer does not have the right to sell the pieces, and that they had been submitted by his stepmother and two other people against his wishes.

Among the disputed collection of items being sold is Jackson's '400 hit' Cartier watch, dated August 11 1980. The unique timepiece, custom-made to celebrate his significant 400th home run, is currently listed on American Memorabilia's website for $887.

Clearly it is something which would attract attention from sports investors or collectors, as well as fans, so there is a good chance it could sell for more than that before the sale finishes tomorrow, July 7.


Replica or not, this ring was certainly not made with subtlety in mind

Jackson gave the watch to his late-father as a present, and expected it to be returned after he died so they could be passed down as family heirlooms. Similarly controversial is the sale of a replica of his 1977 World Series Championship ring.

Although he owns the original, he had a copy made, again for his father. It is currently selling for a high value, of $28,533, and is something any memorabilia collector would love to have in their collection.

It is made more contentious by that fact that Jackson claims it is only a replica, whereas the sellers say it is the original ring offered by the Yankees. Reggie Jackson is fighting to halt the auction and have the ring and other lots declared as his.

However, it looks unlikely that he is going to be able to slug this matter out of the park as easily as he used to.


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