Scooter from Oasis album cover will be auctioned 'somewhere else'

Later today (July 6), a scooter used by British band Oasis for the front and back cover of a CD will be sold at Boldon Auction Galleries in South Tyneside. The CD in question was Be Somewhere Else Now.

It previously belonged to antique dealer and motorbike enthusiast Louise Bennett. She had a passion for restoring old machines, but sadly died aged just 46.

The vehicle carries an estimate of just £400-600, which seems surprisingly low key. The CD in question is not their most famous, but given that Oasis memorabilia has been increasing in value in recent times it seems like a bargain as an alternative investment.

Memorabilia used on album covers can be very valuable. Famously the drumskin used on the album sleeve of the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sold for $1.1m in 2009.

Of course that album is groundbreaking, and Oasis aren't the Beatles (even if they were once accused of being a Beatles tribute band).

Perhaps more intriguing to collectors of classic motorbikes in general will be another vehicle in the sale: a 1959 Lambretta 148cc scooter.

Discovered in the 1990s, the motorbike was found in the house of a hoarder in Gateshead. The property's owner had had to move to another property because he had too many things in the house to move around it.

The Lambretta is expected to sell for £2,500-£3,500 ($5,600).


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