Treasured coins of Ancient Rome set to rule over collectors at auction this week

This week marks a highlight in the auction calendar for collectors of early Greek and Roman coins.

That's because ArtCoins Roma are holding another sale of rare and valuable coins from the era and it's shaping up to be quite an event.

The auction will take place in the Italian capital, with coins from ancient Rome, Greece and even some Celtic pieces up for sale.

However, the star lots of the auction are dominated by a collection of very rare Roman coins. 

An extremely fine edition of a Marciana Diva coin dating back to Rome in 112 A.C is one such highlight.

Featuring an eagle design on one side along with a portrait believed to be Hadrian, the coin carries a target price of £9,340 ($14,350).

Elsewhere, collectors have the chance to bid for an extremely fine edition of a "Commodus, Aureus" coin which dates back to Rome in the year 190-191 A.C. The coin was originally made for the Genius of Commodus in celebration of the then emperor's 30th birthday.

These genius figures were ancient and obscure beings, believed to emanate from the deified spirits of the dead. The unique story behind this coin, coupled with its rarity, has led to the piece being given a £11,900 ($18,275) estimated price.

However, the highlight of the event is likely to be the extremely rare medallion of Septimius Severus which dates back to 193-211 A.C. Featuring a design which encompassed a bust of Septimius Severus as well as the God of War, Mars running with a spear and shield , this green patina coin is likely to be of great fascination to attending collectors.

Featuring a few minor corrosions, the medallion is highly valued amongst collectors due to its rarity.

These pieces were not intended for general circulation, having originally been made to denote minted coins. Traditionally, these medallions were not recognised as legal tender and instead used to commemorate specific events  or used as offerings and symbols of honour.

The medal also coincided with Emperor Severus's rise to power, which was finally achieved in 195 A.C and reflected in the design of this piece.  The rare medallion coin carries a target price of £12,400 ($19,050). Though given the unique value of this piece, it could see even more at final sale.

Bidding at the auction in Rome closes at 18.30 GMT on Wednesday September 15 and it's not one to miss for investors and collectors of rare Roman coins alike.


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